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Firstly, about me!

Software Developer

Professional Services

Android Development


I use the latest toolkits from Google and the Android SDK to develop next gen scalable mobile apps. I test my work through emulation as well as on actual devices.


Clients typically require use of cloud services and integration with industry specific software and hardware. As projects have came along I've integrated with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Facebook, Xero, among others.

Professional Services

Microsoft .Net Framework / C#


Business solutions typically require integration with Microsoft Software and Windows Server. In this environment solutions are built using Visual Studio in C# C++ Languages.

For the web I typically use software not from the Microsoft stack, however am proficient in latest Microsoft technologies not limited to; ASP.Net Web Forms, MSSQL, Creating APIs using Web API & OData.

For Windows Apps and business software I am quite familiar with WPF and Winforms and have used OpenTK to perform graphics rendering in C#

Process; in design I may use StarUML or Argo UML, in development Visual Studio for this platform.


Clients typically reqire use of cloud services and integration with industry specific software. Windows builds for Windows backends is best practise Microsoft recommends Azure as the cloud backend of choice however others may be used inplace. As a developer, I prefer not use Team Foundation Server however have been exposed to it instead favor Svn, Git and Github.

Professional Services

Data Visualization and Virtual Reality


I use 3D engines like Unity and my own custom engine to produce VR simulations cross platform even in a web page -- without any plugins!


I have experimented with networked simulations using distributed interactive simulation techniques in browser in Dart Language

I made a tree visualization from a flat ABC Broadcast dataset provided by todo: link

Public Portfolio

Aletha alpha running a tremulous map with networked virtual entities

linking this as we speak !

About Me


By now you know what I do. I'm a Tasmanian developer and this is my "Resume Website" below you will find links to my resume and coverletter in the masthead

Coming Features

This is just the beginning of what is planned here, bare with me as I needed something up rather quickly
There are coming features planned such as

  • 1. Aletha Alpha
  • 2. Mail; a PGP encrypted publically accessible secure mail server,
  • 3.; a free to access graph database API
  • 4. and a blog
I'm currently working on study and projects so havent got around to completing these but your welcome to email me if you wish to help out



coming soon


Good UX design and innovative research provides your company with quick and simple interfaces leading to better results that count


Unlocked analysis and design leads to better more intelligent solutions


Clients' requirements are met and wonderful user experiences are made